Str8 Girl, Interrupted

My Life is a Drama....
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2001-09-24 08:25:37 (UTC)

Bad, Karaoke Boi, Bad!

So, I have a new love interest...oh who am I kiddng...?
Fuck interest! LOL His name is Chris. I met him at Days
Inn, while doing my Karaoke gig. He's so adorably HOT...I
say adorable, because he's not like model material.
There's just something about him that I'm extremely
attracted to. Probably his height and his ball cap. That's
so hot for me. Don't know, just is. So, anyways...twice
now, he's asked me to go back up to a friend of his hotel
room. And twice, I've said I'd go and not showed up. I
know...what a bitch!! I guess, again, I'm just shocked he
would be interested in me that way. After the whole Buck
incidents, I should be over that, but I'm not.

Well...on Wednesday of last week, Nicky P. brought his
sister Amy along to Karaoke. Don't get me wrong, she's a
nice girl, but she's dumb as a brick and can be very
annoying. Of course, Amy and Chris met one another and
Chris told me that he'd like to take Amy out on a date.
This put me in an extreme outrage...I was wanting to kill
them both. So, I was like, "fuck them both" and after I
calmed down enough to see the situation for what it was. I
was just in the "I don't give a fuck" attitude mode. I
just let it go, but you may ask why I'm talking about it
now, if I don't give a fuck... Well, Brandy calls me
today and tells me that Chris told her that only reason he
said that shit about Amy is to make me mad and that I
should stop playing games with him. Playing games, huh?
Well...I'm not the one who is a total complete ASSHOLE to
him at the bar and then expects him to come to some hotel
room with me. If he knew what an ass he was, he would
understand. But he's a guy and of course they have no
sense. So, what am I gonna do about this situation? I
don't know I figured I would write in this thing
to see if anyone has any sugesstions...If you do please,
drop me a line! :) I'm off to bed for now. G'nite!