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2001-09-24 08:12:04 (UTC)

Ground Zero

So entry #1, I assume an introduction would be in order. I
don't want to put my real name on here, so you can call me
Jane because I am just a plain Jane girl. Plus, I love the
name Jane. I'm 19, I live in Tampa, FL, and I'm a lesbian.
I like to sing, and coffeehouses are my scene - especially
one in particular. I am proud to be a lesbian, but the only
people in my family who know are my brothers and one
sister. If anyone else in the family was to find out I'd be
shunned. I chat online a lot. AOL, Yahoo, etc. and I have
several friends online and off... most of whom are gay,
most males. I think I have maybe 3 straight friends. Not on
purpose, it's just that you come out as gay or have a gay
friend, who introduces you to their gay friends, who
introduce you to their gay friends, and so on. ;o)I'm a
casual girl. You can usually see me in khakis and a shirt.
I say what I mean and I joke around all the time, but I
don't say things to offend people and I know when to be
serious. I love making people laugh and I often crack jokes
without even realizing it. And I'll pretty much say
anything. I use humor to ease tension and break the ice. It
works, and it usually makes a helluva first impression! I
am real with people, and if they don't like the way I am
I'm not gonna apologize. A great mind once said, (and I
think it was either Henry David Thoreau or Winona Ryder!
lol) "I'd rather be hated for who I am than loved for who
I'm not." I think that could not be more true.

I have an ex girlfriend in Saginaw, MI who I still love
very much. Her name is Carmen and she's beautiful. I talk
to her online but we haven't spoken today so I miss her.
She is out partying I think! I hope she's having an AWESOME
time! I love to know that she is happy! I worry about her a
lot though. She's not used to people worrying about her,
but I do. I think that may be a fault of mine. I worry to
death about people, but I don't really give a damn what
happens to me. I think I have to work on that.

Let me tell you about my friend Justin. He has been my
friend for 5 years since we were 14. He's gay and he's my
boo. He means the world to me! He is a computer guy and you
can always catch us out together... until recently. Wheels
have been scarce lately.

Now this is totally off subject, but am I alone in that I
am sick and tired of seeing all these pictures online and
on the news of NYC and DC in shambles? The whole thing that
happened on Sep. 11 is very sad and I am angry as hell
about it, but every time I see a picture like that it's
like pouring salt on a wound. I know this is a very
prominent thing right now, but how are we as Americans
supposed to start healing if we can't get away from it for
2 seconds?

Well, it will be light out soon so I'm thinking I might
ought to go to bed. Thank you to everyone who has taken
time out to read about my life. =o)

I made a guestbook for my diary. If you wanna sign
it, please copy and paste this URL to your browser:

Be safe!


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