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2001-09-24 07:38:47 (UTC)

Blurry Eye Brigade

I need glasses, the words on the screen are starting to
morph slowly into each other. It gets worse the longer I
sit in front of the computer. The sign of a true geek. My
head hurts. I need a smoke badly. I had all this stuff I
wanted to write about, but now I can't remember any of it.
This sucks. Downloading Boy Sets Fire songs, thinking about
Casey. Not that he listens to Boy Sets Fire, he doesn't
like that shit. Nope, only Dashboard Confessional and the
Get Up Kids for Casey Conlin. Him and Shredder are in a
fight, they used to be best friends, like me and Alyssa,
but they drifted apart in the last year. They fought last
night down at the beach in Riverhead. Shredder kicked the
crap out of Casey, but he kept stopping to ask if he was
ok. I think that pissed Casey off even more, the fact that
Shredder kept making him look bad. Shredder didn't mean to,
they were just playing Fight Club and it was his first time
and he didn't want to hurt Casey. It was obvious that
Shredder had the upper hand the whole time. Besides,
Casey's one weakness is a choke-hold. He can't get out of
them, because he's not strong enough, and eventually he
just passes out. He's good with face punches and body shots
and those things, he can take a hit real well.
We went to this hick diner out there this morning when
we left the campsite. Shoe was so badly hung over that
halfway through his dry toasted bagel, he went to the
bathroom and threw up and then crawled out to the car to
lie down. Casey was sitting there with his big emo glasses
and his plaid, button-down shirt and he was pretending that
he owned a farm and was a hick like all the other people in
the diner. I think they realized he was making fun of them,
because after a while he was getting alot of dirty looks.
The Ataris are playing now and I want to go to sleep but
I can't sleep without one last cigarette. I have school
tomorrow morning, early, and I'll be there until 9:00 PM.
That's going to suck badly. Jebus!!