Crystal Lynn

2001-09-24 05:48:32 (UTC)


Ok, so this is the first entry in my *gasps* DIARY?..
Fuck.. I'm not calling this my diary.. it sounds too..
bowel movementish. Um, but anyway. So this is a JOURNAL. I
don't know why I've decided to start doing this. I mean, I
like to vent alot, but the fact of spewing my business on
here is kinda.. scary. It's not scary as in I dont want
people to KNOW my business... because really I dont mind, I
am one of the nosy people of the world so I understand why
people would enjoy reading it. But, theres the fact that
alot of the people that I have conflict with, have a severe
problem with thier business being made known to others. So
i guess when I am feeling compeled to tell a story that
involves one of such people that I will just refer to them
under a "false-name".
Lets see, as of right now there isnt really anything for
me to say. The majority of my day is spent sleeping and
playing with my new cat.. then most of the night is spent
waiting and waiting and.......waiting for someone to get
online so I can have a like.. 10 minute convo... then I lay
in bed for about 1 hour, unable to go to sleep because I'm
thinking. Pretty shitty i suppose. But I consider the 10
minutes of convo worth it.. so sue me.
Wow, its almost 1 am.. Didn't realize it. Ah well, I'm in
too much of a daze to go into anything major
morning, so I'll do that later and get more *in depth*