The crazy world of me
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2003-02-13 05:44:19 (UTC)

I am so happy for some reason

Yeah so here lately I have been in the really good mood
and it is like nothing anyone says or does can take me out
of it. Well, actually this teacher at my school almost got
hit upside his head today with a mouse. He was told me
that in the real world people have to figure things out for
themselves so I went off I was like dude you are suppose to
be my teacher meaning you teach me what to do. If I wanted
to firgue it all out by myself then I wouldn't of taken the
class to learn everything the dumb cocksucker. That ticked
me off but I was fine. I hate that teacher he is not even
the real teacher he is just our student teacher so I talked
to my real teacher about it and he said something to him so
then he started being all nice to me and stuff.
Anyway though. I have been talking to Ricky a lot
lately. I enjoy talking to that kid. I really wish he
wasn't leaving but you know what next week I will probably
be in a crappy mood and not even want to know the kid.
I think Aaron is mad that I am still messing with Ricky
but he will get over it because you know that is my
buisness. I know he is just watching out for me and all
but still it is my choice not his and learning from your
mistakes is a good thing. You can't always take the right
Oh so I don't know if I said anything yet but I got my
job back at Wal Mart which is kind of exciting because I
really did like working there and I made a bunch of cool
friends working there. I found out that I wasn't supossed
to be "let go". Melissa was telling me all about it
because she was pissed off and stuff. But yeah I think I
am going to go.

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