2001-09-24 04:56:21 (UTC)

LRG ::Represent::

Ah, the good ol' journal. I almost called it a diary, and
us boys don't call them diaries. HAHA, I'm hilarious. So
my momma fixed my hair up yesterday. It looks pretty
decent now. Stellar dogs. Kat and Jess say it looks good,
who woulda thought? Maybe its cuz they cut it and saw
how...interesting...it looked. Anyhow, I'm rather sleepy,
as usual, for I only got 7 hours last night...haha,
classic. I had a nice long conversation with Kat. I
dunno, I really think its awesome being able to talk to
someone for long periods of time and just open up and
stuff. I mean, to be able to tell someone something you
don't normally tell anyone, thats epic, right? Especially
if its friend. I used to never express feelings and stuff
like that, I just kept it in and/or pushed it out of my
thoughts and forgot about it. I never even really told my
sister about stuff and opened up, until about recently.
So, I think its really stellar that I am able to open up
and have deep conversations with her, I think its
fantastic. CT's, endless AIM conversations, thats what its
all about. Ya know, I think I'm a really impatient driver,
I'm always trying to get ahead of cars and pass them, cuz I
always think they're going too slow. I have to learn to
ease off the thrusters, but I guess I'm always trying to
get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. I
dunno what it is, I just think I drive and I always change
lanes. Vrrroooom. I was cut off by a van, a frickin'
channel 7 ABC news van! AH, bloody news crew people. Learn
to drive.

What does it mean to "claim" something? Ok, so TRL has
teeny bopper stuff, sellout stuff and whatnot. People like
a song they hear, and they say, I like this band/artist.
Is that claiming? How else is one to become a "true" fan
of that artist? Isn't that how everyone comes about to
liking a band? By first listening to ONE song that they
like, and then expanding on that band? But hey, who am I
to say, I'm just a kid.