chronicles for the clinicly insane
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2003-02-13 04:24:32 (UTC)

When the Cows Come Home

Ill have steak for supper. What this is supposed to mean
is light years beyond me at this state. I suppose with
some deep transient mode of thought i could grip my fingers
round this paridoxicly retarded phrase, but why. I think
Hunter S Thompson said it best when he said, in reference
to his attourney, at this point refered to as Laslo but
given many many many names throughout his writings as: a
prototype not even considered for production, to weird to
live, but far too rare to die. I feel sometimes that I
represent this sad testement to the strange. I think the
issue lies not in the fact that I look strangely like a fat
Jeffry Domer, but that I tend to think in a completely
opposite manner than everyone else on the planet. Case in
point. I have a friend that due to his tall skinny build
and long hair somewhat resembles Jesus, but due to his
dead lifeless eyes and sinister mouth and nose, bears
striking similarity to charles manson. My line of logic
goes somewhat like this, if Brandon looks like Jesus and
brandon looks like charlie manson, would that in turn mean
that Jesus looks like and therefore could possibly be
Charlie Manson. Have we enprisoned our supposed godly
savior? that would be hard to explain. I can see it
now,"Gee god, well he led this weird cult of followers
that thought he was some kind of umm
welllll... hey look over there!" But I
suppose that if everyone followed my thinking few could
actually handle it and most would kill themelves.

Speaking of which, I have been playing a game lately, an
extremely amussing game in potential, but a dangerous game
in practice. With my mothers afformetioned injustices
handed upon to me with great malice, I have left myself to
write rather apocalyptic and suicidal messages on my
computer screen. some of which I have kept cause they are
quite to my liking and I may actually produce At
any rate im rambling and your more than likely bored so I
leave you as so many have left before. With these words
of eternal wisdom.

When faced with problem that presents itself with solutions
that include going around your issues or straight up the
middle. Always attack the strengths of your problems. Opt
for the path of most ressistance, because that is exactly
what life doesnt expect. You cant go through life
sidestepping everything, or else you wont ever get any
where. your life will end up a draw, and a tie always
goest to who was there first. And believe me when I tell
you that life has been there a lot longer than you have.
It is not hared to imagine than in a civaliziton such as
ours, times like thes come to pass/ the children of one
generation are faced with a choicec that the preceeding one
never had to make, at this poin it is painfully apparent
that total global war is present. The end is comeing folks
and I think that
Hey look over there!!!