Talking to Myself
2001-09-24 04:24:49 (UTC)


I have decided that I don't have enough time. I must work
to damn much. I like the extra money... but not to
spend... just to save.

Tomorrow I have promised myself that I will start working
out again. I have been on a 3 week hiatus. I got sick,
then had to go out of town, then was sick again. I still
feel like shit, but I need to get back to the Y. I
shouldn't say that I promised myself to go work out. It
then sounds like I enjoy it. I really don't, but my ass is
getting too big from sitting on it all day at the office.
The only thing I really hate about going to work out is
that I have to leave the office earlier and that cuts in to
my overtime. Sad as it is to say, I would rather spend an
hour at the office working than an hour at the gym working
out. I just need a way to combine the too. : )

I finally planted my flowers. I killed a few before I
could get them into the ground, and some other ones I
planted even though they are on the verge of dying. We'll
see what happens. The thing that is irritating me about
the cooler weather is that the sun is no longer out as long
each day. I get home from work and it's already dark out.
It's kind of hard to garden when you can't see shit. I
will just have to do it all on the weekends.