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2003-02-13 03:46:49 (UTC)

Furiously Jumping Topics

That's just fair warning for you. I have lots on my mind,
and they jump very fast.

Work was very stressful. One of the managers treats me
like I'm five years old. I got so angry today. I almost
didn't make it out of the office. When I get mad, I cry.
That's how I deal with my frustration. I cry, get it out
and feel better. But I can't do that at work. I won't do
that at work. I walked away. I didn't realize what a
temper I have. It's scary. I locked myself in the
bathroom. Just breathe, in and out. That was my mantra.
It's going to come down to the point where I'm going to
tell them that if they don't like the way I'm doing the
job, the can put me back on a register. This isn't worth
it. I've been dealing with it all while I'm understaffed
and half my people have called in. I didn't get this
weekend off to go to the Miami Boat Show with my father
(who went out of his way to make special arrangements for
me) and I have called in once, ONCE in the 6 months I've
worked there. I did look on the calendar and noticed
(fortunately) that I was scheduled to be off March 14 and
back March 17. Well, that would be lovely except my return
ticket from CA isn't until the 21st. It will be a nice
suprise for them when I don't show up for a week.

Plus, I am now sick and feel like shit, and I hope I get
sicker for Friday because I am not putting up with another
day like today. I am so angry that I really don't know
what to do with myself. I have been walking around trying
to get things done here (such as laundry, cleaning, etc.)
and can't accomplish a thing.

My brother got his permit today. I remember when I met him
for the first time. He was pink and his face was all
squished. I couldn't stop touching him. I didn't know that
fingernails came that small. I was seven. I remember him
at two years old and chasing him with the vaccumm cleaner
telling him that it would suck him up. He would squeal and
run away wearing a diaper and a polo. I remember him in
preschool, and then 6th grade, and now he's 15 and he can
legally drive if I'm in the car with him. I'm floored.
It's just so hard to believe that he's so old. That makes
me really old.

Ever heard of Greenwich, CT? No? Does the name Martha
Moxley ring a bell? She was the girl murdered in the
seventies by a cousin of the Kennedy's. That happened in
Greenwich. It's a very rich town full of snobby people.
It's the richest town in the US in relation to its size.
Just over the NY border in CT. This is my town. I was born
there. And as I learn more about it, I become apalled at
the attitudes of people. It's just beyond me.

We've sold a ton of Norad. I've spoken of it before, but
I'll remind you. They're iodide pills that will overload
your thyroid gland with iodine so that when the nuclear
bomb hits Florida, the radio active iodide can't absorb
and kill you because there is already iodide in your
system. I shit you not. Go figure.

Nicole told me that there are tanks everywhere (she's in
London, if you don't know that) and tube stops are shut
down and they almost shut down Heathrow. Why stir up
problems if there are no facts? "People of the world; just
a note to tell you that something may happen this week,
but we're not sure if it will or where it may occur so now
you can panic and buy duct tape. Thank you."