The End
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2001-09-24 04:17:15 (UTC)

Black hearts.

As I was learning about the acts of violence that
occured on the 11th, I heard about the last plane. The last
one unaccounted for. Eventually it came to pass that that
plane went down. And while I was deeply saddened by the fact
that people had died, I found myself feeling a great sense
of pride. I knew even as I heard that the plane had just
crashed that the pilots or someone...took a stand. It made
me proud as an American and as a human that someone did what
they could to thwart evil and if they had to die, they died

There are a great many other stories about acts of
heroism that occured that day and in the days to come. They
filled my heart with joy seeing so many acts of kindness
being displayed in a country where we no longer talk to
neighbors and lock our doors at night. It was good to see
people of all races, creeds and color helping people of all
races, creeds and color. For a time we were just Americans
helping fellow Americans.

It didn't take long tho for us to fall back to our old
ways. Just as this act brought out the best in people so too
did it bring out the worst. Two days had not passed yet and
already people were stealing flags and worse yet stealing
money from relief funds for the victims. Yeah we are a land
of opportunity all right.

And the worst crimes of all...the racism. People
attacking and killing people of mid-eastern descent out of
ignorance masked in fear. My heart broke to watch the news
and hear little children saying they were being called
murderers because they were muslim, because they have darker
skin, or because they dress a little bit differently. How
sad we are as a country that we are proud we are a country
diverse in cultures yet we are the first to condemn a whole
culture because of a misguided few.

Yeah I know its been going on a long time. Call me naive
but I liked to think we have made some progress on that
front over the last 50 years or so. I was wrong.

The thing that pissed me off the most though was the
airline incident. Where Northwestern airlines kicked 3
people off because of the ignorance of others. They were of
mid-eastern descent, they passed through the same rigorous
security checkpoints that the other passengers had to go
through, yet because of prejudice hiding behind the word
fear they were asked to leave the plane.

I am disappointed in those passengers who asked that they
get off. If their fear is so great why the hell are they
flying in the first place? If they have so little faith in
the airlines security now, what the hell are they doing
flying that airline? How do they know that the white guy
sitting next to them isn't a terrorist? Give me a break

And for Northwestern? Well I will never fly that airline.
I will not fly on an airline that allows their bottom line
get in the way of citizens civil rights. Did they have so
little faith in their security system that they would toss
paying customers because a majority cried fear? You can
argue that the majority had the right to fly without fear
but I would argue that those 3 who were thrown off have a
hell of alot more to be afraid of than the majority did.
It's preposterous. How do those passengers know that the
pilot flying their plane isn't a plant? A sleeper? Give me a
break people and get over yourselves.

ok i am too sick about this to rant anymore.