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2003-02-13 03:39:29 (UTC)

Chapter 2.

It was dark black in hue, mysterious power surging around
it. Spinning, twirling, invisible from the enemy against
the background.
There was whirling sounds as they came closer.
And closer.
She could hear them outside her shell prison.
But it protected her. She had to stay... there was no
turning back now. Thoughts ran through her mind, so many
thoughts. What if she landed too hard? What if a predeator
found her, before she had even regained her form? What if...
No. No, nothing would happen. She had waited too long for
this time to come. She would be reborn, powerful,
unstoppable. She would destroy the entire enemy race, she
would destroy them all. As they had almost destoryed her.
She knew very well, that once she landed, all memories
would be forgotten. Her past, gone. All she had ever
Would have been pointless.
No, it wouldnt. You would have never gotten here if it
wasnt for your former life. Right now you are not living,
nor dead. Caught in a void, but you will be rid of it
Yes, very soon. She could feel the ground inching ever
closer, as well as the enemy.
She hoped they didnt see her.
But they did.
Cries of rage as they began to realize what happened.
She grimiced as she was slammed against one side of her
dark cocoon.