friends and lovers
2001-09-24 04:16:05 (UTC)

whats happening

it's been weeks since i have written about you in this diary
things are still happening for us we are such special
friends and warren has found out about us but he has known
this for years and he has approved the relationship as long
as it carries on while he is out. when he comes home my
first priority is to him my husband and he has revealed
that there is someone for him when he is out so things are
not as they seem. you can't comprhend this but 15 years of
marraige and trust works for us.
i am so happy to see you when you come to visit you take me
out and you make me laugh your wit and weird and wonderful
ways i enjoy, i gave you my diary that i had kept all those
years all my feelings and wishes that i always wanted to
say to you and tell you about is now yours so now you know
all my deepest thoughts, from the time you came into my
life 10 years ago to when you left and returned 5 years
later how devistated i was when you left and how i wasn't
ready to let you back into my life when you returned how i
didn't want to be hurt by you if you were to enter my life
again, and now how our 10 years of frinedship was sealed
with love making that came so naturally, the special
friendship we now share with each other and not having to
hide my feelings for you from the man i am committed to,
how lucky i am to have 2 special men in my life who care so
much for me and both know how i feel about them, my life
seems to be complete you took me to the lake today we
watched the sun go down together and spent the afternoon
just enjoying each others company you scratched our
initials in a tree today viv & paul i felt like a school
girl with my first boyfriend not a wife of 3 children you
know how to sweep me off my feet it sounds childish i know
but it's nice to know that we can do theses things and not
feel bad about it, i guess this will be our special place
that we will look back on in many years to come.

remember to always hold me close.