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2003-02-13 03:24:37 (UTC)

Chapter 1.

Elythi streaked through the cold winter night. Her wings
pumped powerfully, tranculent membrane almost invisable
against the night sky. If it wasnt for the rest of her
body, which was white, tainted with a faint red that she
accquired from her father. Cold steel-blue eyes flashing
around for a safe place to land. The deep red spikes that
ran down her back stood straight up with dread of what lay
before her.
She had been flying for weeks, but was neither exausted nor
giving up. She closed her eyes, relaxing slowly as the
wind whipped at her snout. Then her muzzle wrinkled in
concentraction, there was a flash of blinding light, and all
that was left was a small egg, plummeting towards the earth.

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