listen to my silences
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2003-02-13 03:23:32 (UTC)

just some random thoughts

just some random quotes to get my mind of things that don't
really have anything to do with anything...

i could care a little less if i put some effort into it.

i'm not saying complicated's good. i'm just saying it's
not necessarily bad.

are you stupid or do you need another answer?

i will knock you off your bike!

and then some that do have something to do with something...

can't wipe away the tears
to let go of this pain
what happened to our lives
and what caused us to change

i fear i'll never find
a love so perfect again

and then one that i'm not sure of...

did you call last night?
i fell asleep wondering if you would.

final thought: when i get to heaven i want a collection of
snowflakes. maybe that's why i like little snow globes so