jon's babie forever
2001-09-24 03:54:15 (UTC)

A Way to Get Noticed

You'll never believe what I have to say.

Today I went to church and, yes, of course Jon was there.
How could I miss him??

Anyway, after the service I was hanging out with my
Platoon. A few other people joined in including Jon and
Shanna. I was hoping Jon would talk to me... but instead
Shanna talked to me!!

She had noticed the Italian Charm bracelet on my wrist and
wanted to see it, because she was saying she wanted one.
She was trying to see what it spelled - and her hands were
freezing cold!! So I took it off and let her see it. She
put it on her own wrist and I thought she wasn't going to
give it back! But she eventually did, and she noticed my
nails (which are a French manicure).

That's about all she said to me directly, but I also
listened to her when she talked. And you know what? Shanna
isn't as bad as I thought. She is actually okay!

I told my dad about it and he said that if I was friends
with Shanna and hung out with her, Jon would notice me
more! That was a good idea, and besides, I had just been
thinking that Shanna was pretty cool. So now I am also
working on being Shanna's friend... for Jon to notice
me... and also just to be friends.

I think that is better than hating her just because she is
Jon's girlfriend.