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2003-02-13 02:32:15 (UTC)

2/12 Back In Beautiful Cali

I had an awesome weekend! I was in Utah for 4 days and I
had the best time. Saturday night all my cousins came over
and I forgot that I even had a big family. I love all of
them so much and they made me laugh non stop. They're such
clowns and they teased me a lot. Hehe. I felt special! =)
That night I went to some "haunted" places with my cousins
and I got so scared! Sunday was even more fun cuz I went
with all my cousins to lunch and then went to temple
square. Gosh I wish I lived closer to them!! Sunday night
April, Monica, Tiff, Jenny, Cindy, and me all went back to
those scary places. We had some funny moments and very very
scary moments. April's boyfriend Josh got us really good
and it was a classic moment I will never forget!! Monday we
all went skiing! April and Monica were so happy that I
could catch up with them on the Intermediate trail and I
felt like a PRO! I was all goin side to side goin way fast.
I only fell ONCE! But that was right into a tree. No joke
man...I literally hit a tree! LoL! That night I went to one
of the best Mexican places ever. I had yummy enchiladas!
Sadly, Tuesday was our last day but I spent it shopping at
American Eagle. I bought sandles, a purse with matching
wallet, and underwear. Hehe. Our flight was awful. My poor
sister ended up with sweaty palms and unsteady hands. Awww!
Anyway, I'm back in beautiful Cali and it's raining!
Stinkers! And now I'm also back to hearin about drama. It's
sad how people can be so fake and talk all this she-it. I
wish that everybody would get along and like each other FOR
REAL - no fakeness!!! About that guy I was crushing on...I
hate him. I have to! So I can get over him and move
on...yep. There was a guy with me in the office today who
seemed cool but not that cute...He kinda followed me outta
the office for a while and then caught up and asked if I
got my cell phone back. I looked at him and noticed...hey
you're not that bad. But then he happened really
fast. Besides he might have been a junior or something. I'm
hating school right now. Mostly cuz of the Saturday school
I got on the 22nd. Damn Mr. Swanson and Mr. Steele! I can't
wait to graduate and get out of the stupid school with
stupid rules. I wanna go to college and be on my own. Not
have someone baby me with all these damn consequences like
Sat. school and detention for having your cell phone out!
Well, I gotta get goin. Buh Bye for now!

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