Kristins Diary
2001-09-24 03:42:42 (UTC)

The Best Day Of My Life (July 11th 2001)

Well, this is where I explain about the best day of my
known existance. It was July 11th 2001. Well I should go
back a little bit just so everyone is on the same page. It
was April sometime and as my usual daily routine would have
it, I was online checking my favorite websites. I was at
the site of my favorite band, Blink182. Ever since I missed
thier concert in the summer of 2000 I was determined not to
miss the next one. So I would frequently check the site on
upcomming tour dates. After months and months of checking I
*FINALLY* read that Blink was scheduled to come to my city
(Cleveland) on July 11th 2001. I was so happy I didn't know
what to do. After I calmed down I got a little upset
because I remembered that tickets cost money, something I
didn't have at the time. A few days later I got a check in
the mail, I forgot that I was getting my income tax check
because I had a job the year before. It was only about 80
dollars but that was more than enough for a ticket. I was
once again happy. I went to a few weeks
later to find out that the tickets were going on Pre-Sale
Thursday May 17th @ 10am, but there was a catch. You needed
a credit card to purchase the tickets pre-sale. Yet again I
was upset. I thought of asking my Aunt if I can use her
card, she said I could but it only had about $60 left on it
which was enough for me but not enough for my friend who
was going with me. I then got the courage to ask my dad if
I could use him and to my surprise, he agreed pretty
easily. He gave me the credit card number and on the
morning of the 17th I woke up bright and early and got my
tickets! They were great seats 7th row! Time went by and I
started to get a little upset that I didn't try and get
even closer seats than 7th row but, it was to late I had
already gotten the tickets and the deal was done. So, July
11th finally came around and my friend and I got to the
Venue about 2 hours early (because I tend to get nervous
easily.. Thanks again for putting up with me Lauren!) They
finally started letting us in and when we got to the
seating area and we showed the guy our tickets he said "Oh
Section 13.. thats right up front" hearing him say that was
so awesome. When he said "right up front" I didn't think he
literally ment it. We walked and walked up and finally
found out seats... 2nd row! All this time I thought it'd be
the 7th well boy was I mistaken! A little time passed and
they show was about to begin.. but not Blink they had two
opening acts before them two greats bands "Alkaline Trio"
and "New Found Glory". Alkaline Trio came on a kick major
ass with thier set they are a great band I had never heard
thier songs before that day. So after AT's set we had to
wait for New Found Glory to setup. They finally came on and
I knew them I have thier newest Album and I think its
great. They also did a fantastic set but that didn't really
matter to me at that point because Blink was comming on
next. So after what seemed liked an eternity of waiting,
they were finally going to come on. Thier set started with
the theme from "2001: A Space Oddesy" then went right
into "The Rock Show". They played a lot of songs
from "Enema Of The State" and "Take Off Your Pants And
Jacket" One from "Dude Ranch" (Dammit) and one
from "Cheshire Cat" (Carousel). During they playing of
thier song "Roller Coaster" (From, "Take Off Your Pants And
Jacket") They left the stage saying the show was over..
everyone knew that it wasn't. So a few minutes passed and
they came back out Tom DeLonge was carrying an American
Flag and Mark Hoppus talked about how great it was to be an
American and to hug your neighbor.(Almost eerie thinking
back since of how popular and cliche the stars and stripes
have become exactly 2 months later on September 11th 2001)
after that they finished up "Roller Coaster" in my opinion
thier best song live was "Reckless Abandon" (From "Take Off
Your Pants And Jacket") they finished up the show
with "Dammit" and a bunch of confetti and Travis barker
proceeded to throw his drumsticks out to the fans. After
the show I was just so stoked that I got to go it was
really the best day of my life.


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