jon's babie forever
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2001-09-24 03:42:05 (UTC)

All About Shanna

*~Thanks Diana for the feedback! Yay!~*

A few days ago at church I was talking with my Platoon. And
somehow Shanna came into the conversation. So I'd like to
give you a little taste of how she is.

It seemed like she bounced up to us with no warning, and
there wasn't a single bit of her that was still. She was
literally jumping, shouting and exclaiming. At least ten
times she said, "I gotta tell you guys what happened

I stood back and was like, woah. She was fully packed with
too much energy!

She made sure we were all listening before she began. And
when she got to certain parts her eyes would get really
wide and her voice would rise. But after all that, she
didn't even finish the story! She went on to some other
subject as if she was never telling any story.

I guess I really don't see what Jon sees in her. I just
know she is hyper and spoiled. And I'm not the only one
that thinks so.

My grandparents agree with me.