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2001-09-24 00:17:17 (UTC)

Understanding my days - Why somethings doesn't work as we wish

Neither all things I wished for me happens. I'm trying to
understand why most thing doesn't happen. I will make
a routine everyday to get the most chances to have life
under control. And a place to new things of course.
My-diary org community it is not so interactive as third
voice 2k or gooey. But what is written is here.
I don't like Mondays said Garfield the cat. I think it is
a good day to be rich because people passed weekend without
doing things. They will do the three days commerce in one.
I read another site unsolvedmisteries dot com. Where people
writes about unsolved misteries. I was almost sad reading
about someone that lost two beloved petcats. What make
someone crys for three year in dreams.
I will be more myself to void the chances of things going
wrong. Time is so important, you can't talk to your friends
while your are spending time with toughs. And friends won't
wait for you to end.
In 1998 there was many interesting people over internet.
In 1999 was when young people used internet but before june
1999 people was going out. In 2000 most people recovers
internet and 2001 is being the year people are accepting
internet as a way of life or a waste of time. I use
internet few days a week and believe I waste time if don't
go out street to see neighbourhood friends. They need me
as much as internet users.
By the way I like Bon Jovi as music. And all pets love me.