A sad story
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2001-09-24 03:16:57 (UTC)

It happened again

I am so scared. It happened to me again, and I don't know
what to do. I need to get out of this house, but I don't
know how. I hate this house and everyone in it. I had a
really bad day yesterday. First, I got burned with the oil
from the bacon I was cooking. Then I went to pick up my
daughter from her new parents and found out that the only
reason they were going to let have her for a day was
because she was really sick and fussy. Then, when we got
home, we were outside and I got bit by a spider. Then, I
burned my lunch, and got in trouble for it. I then had to
calm the baby down. I found out her name is Shyanne. Then I
had to give her back. When I got home, I came online to
talk to the few people that I know online. I talked for a
while, but then my mom's boyfriend came and saw that a
friend of mine was online, he pushed me into the wall. He
started bothering my friend, and I'm not sure what they
talked about. My back still hurts, because I nave back
problems. When Hector got offline, he took me to bed, and I
don't even have to explain what happened there. I hate this
life of mine. I can't stand it. I need OUT!!!