Traded your worth for these scars...
2001-09-24 03:08:39 (UTC)

Good day... Bueno

I had a good day today:)

We went to Cracker Barrel after church this morning, and I
saw Mike working. I was like "Mike!!!!!" haha:) Then, we
went shopping and I got one of those long sweater thingies
with a hood. It's brown. I love it. Then I came home, took
a bit of a nap... then got up and got ready for church.

We had a devo after church tonight. It was so much fun. We
had sloppy joes and we played "Catchphrase". It was
hilarous. We get so loud and out of control, but we alwasy
have fun. Me and Ash invented a new word. "Nugglet" haha:)
It's a miniature nugget!

I've been talkin to Jami a lot lately on ICQ. She's really
cool. She and I have a lot in common actually.. and we're
all like "Oh my gosh.. I'm the same way!" haha:) it's
funny. Apparently she thinks very highly of me cause she's
tryin to set me up with either her brother or one of her
friends cause she wants them to go out with a good
christian girl.

So.. Gabe told me tonight that he has a pic of me and him
on his desk at school. I felt honored. I was like "Wow" I
mean, Gabe's a good friend of mine and everything.. but I
was never really sure he considered me a good friend. It's
nice to know he does tho. Thanks Gabe.

Ya know what? I sent Tess a card in the mail over a week
ago.. and she never sent me a message saying that she got
it, or thank you or anything. Hmmm... odd....

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