my diary said it didn't want a name
2003-02-13 00:47:33 (UTC)

when i first started writing..

when i first started writing this thing a couple of days
ago, i wrote it in complete anonamousity (is that really a

but because of a couple of mails to and from someone on
here, i've gone back to exactly what i thought i didn't
have to be on this site.

i'm hiding the main qualities of my personality for fear of
being classed too "odd" or "free thinking" for the rest of
you. but something i forgot about when i was talking to
abby was that this page called new is for me, not her -
that's her page that says new, and this is mine... so you
get behind your line and i'll get behind mine.

** waves to abby **

you have the house and the kids, i get the car and the cat.