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2001-09-24 03:06:54 (UTC)

Being Alone

Sometimes when a person sits down and find that they are
completely alone, it's a time for reflection. It's a time
of self evaluation. It's a time to think whether what we
just did was justifiable. What we think is correct and who
we love love us too.
I'm sitting here in my office and it's 11:01pm, missing my
love like crazy. I can't stand not having him on my mind.
Not having him next to me and not hearing his voice. It's
a pathetic thing to miss another person. It can be
beautiful though. In time of crisis it can be very
beautiful and at the same time it can be devastating. This
is the true test of mankind. When your love is not next to
you, we put them to the test and we put ourselves on the
test. In fact we put our relationship on the test. Can
you imagine such a simple moment of being alone can create
such a serious outlook of life? Maybe this loneliness can
be for 10 secs, but it's still time and it's very urgent to
the need of the soul. THis is the moment when you hate the
one you love or love the one you love more than life. This
is when each second that passes meant life or death. This
is when the only thing you can think of is whether the
upcoming second your love will every return and embrace you
once more. This is when you think to yourself what will
happen if your love were never to return? Never will he
call you "love." Never will he look at you. Hmmmm....life
is so devastating. How can one think of love in time of
war. But war is the result of no love. I love therefore,
I will not war myself against others. In conclusion,,,it's
all the same...at the end it's still a mess and it's always
with an apology...therefore the best solution is to
love...love and always be in love.


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