my diary said it didn't want a name
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2003-02-13 00:12:08 (UTC)

ah well, change of plan?

i lasted 2 nights and one day.


my excuse for being a stoner is that i can't sleep.
two nights without sleep and you start to get a bit edgy, a
bit nasty-bastardy to everyone and their dog :-(
sorry nattz, fran, fran's dog.

nah, didn't really say anything bad to fran's dog, i smoke
puff, not crack.

well, im stoned again. i feel good, i feel relaxed, i feel
tired... mmmm, tired.

tired's great when you know you can close your eyes and go
to sleep any second you like isn't it? its pretty shit when
you're at work and you know you have at about another 5
hours to go and you're having trouble focusing on stuff.

anyways, enough complaining about something i forced off

just remembered how i used to love the summer holidays... i
could stay awake for about 3 days and i'd just start going
mental and talking shite at people. you love it you shlag.
where the fk did i get that from?
sleep deprivation, for a fuzzier future.