The Sexy Blonde
2001-09-24 03:01:55 (UTC)

Sunday 9-23-01

Hey all this is not going to be long, I just wanted to say
what I did today nothing real exciting. I woke up this
morning and in my boyfriends arms. We woke up and ate what
his mother cooked us, Bacon, and sausage. We sat around the
house and didn't do much. Then until 5:00p.m. or so we left
the house to go to Walmart. When we got there we were
looking around, and go some pens, and some checks for his
dads shop. Then we got some jeans for his relatives in
mexico. Then we had gotten some Mickey Mouse, tennis for
me, just because they all love me so much. Then we had a
cart full of stuff and left.

Now......on our way out to the parking lot this lady
confronted us because she said she was pregnant, and needed
money for her baby. I felt bad for her because god won't be
on her side to go to heaven if she is not and pretending
she needs money, but if she was in need then god help her.

Anyways, I got home around 9:30p.m. and it is 10:30p.m.
already. I am cooking myself a pizza, then I had a yummmmmy
sausage, and some vanilla yogurt. Now I am making my bed,
and putting all the new stuff I got today away.

Well I have to check on my pizza, so I must go!!

Bye and goodluck.