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2001-09-24 02:37:49 (UTC)



Like I said my friend Charlene said I was going and that I
should be at her house in about two hours with all my
stuff. So my dad dropped me off at her house and she did my
hair and I did hers. April helped Charlene with mine and
then we helped her with hers. We all got dresse din our
dresses. OMG Charlene's was SO PRETTY. Part of it was her
prom dress that she worn her 10th grade year. Its this
pink, puff skirt that is pretty low cut and she had on this
new pink top that was bare in the back to a point and had a
ring for the top part... if you know what I mean. Then we
did her hair in little corn rolls and then put it all up
and curled it. It was FREAKING PRETTY WAS HELL! Oh and she
had this belly ring with a pink heart on it. She was very
pink. My dress was a dark purple that shimmered silver when
I moved around. It was bare in the back too and low in the
front. So I had a push up bra on. LOL. April's wa sher old
homecoming from freshamn year. It was a sleack black dress
with sparkle stars and a bare back with an X from the
The funny part was we had gotten this sparkle brush to put
on our bodies...well turns out when Charlene went to put i
on her cheeks it exploded!!!!!! She had sparkles ALL OVER
her face! So we all were like"we will do it too." So we all
grab the extra and rub it on our faces, backs, and arms. We
are blindingly sparkly now LOL. We didn't care cause we
were like "If people don't like us because of this them
FUCK THEM!" So we left and it was about 9pm when we finally
got there. It started at 7pm and goes till 11pm... not long
or even any good. The first fucking person I see is Nick
with Heather slow dancing... GRRRRR I was like... oh well
have a good time Katie... So I start dancing and just
having a good time. I danced with my prom date from last
year a couple of times during the slow songs. LOL Charlene,
April, and me danced together during one slow song LOL. We
all had fun, but OMG MY FEET HURT LIKE A BITCH! I went to
go ask Nick to dance and he just ignored me. So I tapped
him on the shoulder and he was HI and hugged me, but I had
to force the hug. So I was like FUCK YOU... What a fucking
asshole! My friends were all like, "Its all good. Just
ignore his pissy ass tomorrow(today)." So I enjoyed the
night and stayed away from him... At one point me and my
Prom date from last year, Jeff, were freak GETTING INTO IT, and Nick was like right
by us and him and Heather weren't even dancing. He looked
at me and then at Jeff and us and gave Jeff the evilest
look LOL. Oh well he left me not me! LOL fuck him. But it
ended at 11pm and we were like "Its damn ass early!!!!" So
we crashed two house parties, drunk as fuck! Then we picked
up this dude Aaron and Justin(april's ex). Aaron and
Charlene made out in the car, while me and april were
laughing at Justin watching them LOL. We then went to "The
Hide & Seek Club", which is a bi, lesbian, gay club, but
after hours a lot of straight people go there, cause it has
a rave dance floor! =) April, Justin and me were al dancing
together, while Charlene and Aaron were freak dancing like
mad... OOOHHHHHH =) They dissappeared for a while, but it
was all good, cause we all lost each other at one point or
another LOL It was about 2am when we first got to the club.
It was about 4:15am when we left. LOL April dropped Justin,
Charlene and Aaron off at Aaron's house. She then dropped
me off at my house. It was like freaking 4:35am when I got
home. LOL.

It was the best time I had! I was freaking happy all night
long! I am SO glad she talked me into going. I will always
remember my Senior homecoming now LOL.

I slept till like noon, so I'm still pretty fuckign tired!
Then I called Charlene at 1pm. She had gotten home at 10am
by Aaron. She told me about the whole night. awweeee =)
I ended up going over to her house at 2 cause I had to pick
up my stuff from last night. So we got to talking and Her,
Aaron, maybe April and Justin are going to Cowboys and she
wanted to know if I wanted to go. I was HELL YES! I had a
blast last Sunday! hehe So hopefully she will be calling me
and we will be going! yay!

I'm talking to am ex of mine from a while ago. You remember
me telling you all about Colin? The guy I like who worked
with me? Well his brother and I dated... OMG HE WAS FUCKING
HOT AS HELL! Well We dated for about 5 days and then broke
up. While we had been dated we had played pool till about
9pm and then rented a movie and went to his house... Yeahw
e watched about 5 minutes of the movie. LOL. We made out
all night long... GOD HE IS AN AMAZING KISSER! He is SO
HITTING ON ME! He is moving back to Colorado Springs soon
too! YAY! He said he will come down for Christmas and he
will come see me! KICK ASS!!!

I am flying right now. I am SO happy! Ian is so fucking
hot!!!!! hehe YAY FOR ME!

Well I got to go get ready even if we don't go.
See ya!

sorry so long today

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