Mystical Blonde Girl

Mystical World Of A Wild Blonde
2001-09-24 02:36:25 (UTC)

Going to homecoming!!!!!!!!!!!!! yay!


Yeppers! I just got off the phone with my buddy Charlene
and she now wants to go... so she offered to pay for me to
go to homecoming! HEHE I'M SO HAPPY! I really did want to
go, but I didn't have any money! yay!

Nick did come over yesturday. We talked. He told em
straight to my face that he was sorry for everything he did
and said to me to hurt me. That he wishes we hadn't faught
and said some of the things we said. That he is a big dick
and that he cares about me and how I feel about him...


Well he hugged me and we just stood there hugging when my
cd played Alicia's Keys song "falling"... I started crying.
He wipped away my tears and kissed me. "I'm sorry I hurt
you so badly... I do still care greatly about you", he said
as he kissed me on my forehead. He held me so tightly after
that. I stopped crying and just looked up at him. He was
like, "What?"

Thats when I kissed him... and that started it all. We
kissed back... made out... made it to my bed..

I got all his cloths off. He kissed and sucked on my tits.
Pinching and rubbing. God I love that!!!! He grabbed me
close and ran his hands down my back. Bringing me closer to
him. He kissed up my neck and we made out some more. He
undid my pants, as I kissed his neck and sucked on his ear,
making him moan (he loves that). I was about to suck on his
ear again when he slid two of his fingers into my wet
pussy! I screamed and arched back! I stradled him and let
him finger fuck me harder and harder. I'm screaming and
riding his figers. Rocking back and forth, making my tits
bouce. Then I moved down to his boxers, grabbed his ass
hard and ripped off his boxers. I just watched his
breathing and stared at his hard throbbing cock standing
tall and proud waiting for me. I likced the tip sucking on
it hard. Then I lick down the under side. Going slowly and
hard against it. Nick was groaning, "OH YESSS BABY YOU KNOW
start sucking har and fast when I deep throat him agian and
again... and AGAIN. Then I do this little trick. I start
sucking him REALLY HARD , while rubbing his balls, and
flicking my togue up and down the underside. I know he
loves that so fucking much. Everytime I do it he cums like
mad. But I stop just short of it. And look up at him... I
smile and say, "Jerk off for me baby." He willing grabs his
cock and starts jacking off fast and hard. I'm leaning over
him letting my tongue just hit it again and again making
him breath harder. Then I remove his hands and suck down
hard and then up VERY hard and he cums into my mouth. I
suck it all down. Then I let a bit of it stay on his cock,
while I lick it into it, rubbing it in. MMmmmm TASTY!

Nick smiled and let out a huge groan as he leaned back. "Oh
shit girl... that was amazing... we haven't ever done it
like that before. All lust and need.", Nick said staring at
the ceiling, breathing hard.

We didn't fuck or anything...DAMN

But what a ride... woooohoooo

He gave me a kiss as we were getting dressed. Then hugged
me while I was trying to get my shirt on and he laughed
cause he pinched my ass making me jump. LOL. He was
laughing... really enjoying him self =) Then he said that
he would see me either today or Sunday. (we are going to
get together Sunday morning probably)

Well I will most likely see him tonight at Homecoming.
Hopefully I will be able to get in a dance and whisper in
his ear my plans for him real soon...

And NO I don't feel bad about doing this. One he ISN'T
dating Heather, Two he left me for her, and Three I don't
even think they will get together... he doesn't even know
that... he told me so.

Well got to do my hair! hehe YAY!

See ya!

Katie! *Luck of the Irish*