**emmys thoughts**
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2003-02-12 22:58:22 (UTC)

**the most terrible day eva**

~~*well..we went on a feild trip at sum science place and
we hadda do that expirement with that static ball and they
made me go up and mess up my hair(not big deal to u but for
me it was a night mair) i looked terrible plus i had to
hold louis' hand so kim go pissed and then on the way bak
me and jackie hadda sare a seat so we both wanted to sit on
the outside so i had her sit on my lap so we could bothe be
on the outside and jimmy called us gay so jackie was hittin
him and she swung her hand bak and hit my nose and all u
herd was crack! and my nose was bleedn and she wouldnt let
me go to the nurse cas she didnt wanna get in trouble and
then i almosted choked on a candy and umm....ok it aint the
worsted but its pretty bad

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