Dave's Mental Meanderings
2003-02-12 22:56:16 (UTC)

Poem - "Phoenix"

A priceless gem is a pebble of scrap
When eclipsed by the cover of night,
When a man of words becomes displaced
This too shall be his plight.
Abandoned by those who shift their gaze
And far from those who don’t,
He might be found and carried home
But a part of him hopes he won’t.
Although the ones who turn their backs
Were once his only kin,
Enchantment needs no sounding board
And it takes but one to grin.
By now the dreamer sees his course,
He knows the cycle well,
Next time he’ll surely spot the trap
In which this time he fell.
First the pain will dull and fade
Then madness has its turn,
Drawing out the words once more
From where pure fires burn.
Idle thoughts should never dwell
And some wounds should never close,
Sweet pains of life will soon spring forth
Where long ago they froze.
Complacency gives way at last
To hunger of the highest degree,
Like a flaming Phoenix on a blaze of glory
He is once again set free.