sokker midget

2001-09-24 02:17:56 (UTC)

parents suck!

i'm telling you parents really suck! Friday i had a
football game and afterwards i went and spent the night at
my friend Tiffanis. i called my mom and told her i would be
home sometime that night to pick up a few things and she
said it was okay, so i came rolling in about 2:00a.m. and
she got really pissed off at me. she told me that when i
got home from the parade on saturday her and i was going to
have a big talk and that i was grounded forever. so when i
got home from the parade there she was waiting for me, she
told me that i was grounded from going anywhere, except for
school and school related activities. she told me that i
would probably be grounded forever. so i won't be going
anywhere for awhile.

well today was pretty boring, i had to go shopping with my
parents to start picking out stuff for christmas, and my
mom started being a total bitch and so we got nothing done.
So we when home. then my brother and i watch a movie while
my parents did only God knows what in their bed room.