My Little World
2003-02-12 22:22:27 (UTC)


Wow, this world is soooo messed up! and all the people in
it (except for a couple, like two) is the world gotten so
rotten and destroyed that everyone has to lie to one
another? Let me specify.....i heard two different stories
today on the same thing. and i know that the two people
are going to read this one time or another. and to tell
you both the truth, i belive only one of you. and im ganna
tell you who it is.... this person and i have had our
differences in the past, but she has never lied to me! And
you know who you are (great to hear your mum doesnt have to
have surgery!) I've got nothing to hide from her. she
knows what my faults are and still stands with me. and
same with her....She is a friend who i will stick with til
the end!

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