Wandering Through Geekdom
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2001-02-23 23:49:23 (UTC)

Hey... I got a new bird. It s a..

I got a new bird. It's a parrot, and her name is Pickles.
PICKLES! But shes great. she only talks to me, not to momor
tony (moms b/f). Um... oh yeah guess what? I forgot to
write this before. when i was "running" with graham, i
mentioned to him that kristins a hottie. he burst out
laughing, cuz shes going out with a guy who has a habit of
turning his girlfriends gay. all but 2 out of like, 50. so
im like, YES!!! really, this girl is gorgeous. shes goth,
but not scary. one day she wore a short back velvet dress
with spaghetti straps, with a lace top and lace stockings,
and she walked in the room and my jaw literally dropped.
Whoa. but anyways, i have to go because my moms naging me
to get offline. sometimes shes soooo annoying! grrr....
cant i just go online in peace?

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