Tweek's Mind
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2003-02-12 21:39:01 (UTC)


sorry the other entry was so short. i had to run and chase
Sydney around and get her to come back. dang that puppy's
got a LOT of energy.

i get a free moment now though, because my sister is home
before she has to head back out and go to work. so she's
taking care of Sydney until then.

this day has been quite uneventful, but not that i mind it
so much. it's good to just have a blank day where you just
do stupid, lost stuff.. like sleep with a puppy... *awe*
classic.. =)

anyway, i just tried calling Zach so that i might be able
to talk to him for a bit while i don't have to put all my
energy into Sydney. but he's sleeping. he has pneumonia.
not a good thing. everyone has pneumonia!! *awe*

didi is coming over after school tomorrow to help me puppy
sit. i hope that we can sway adam to come over to. =) it
would be fun.

welp, i'm gonna go.