Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2003-02-12 21:26:46 (UTC)


It's been ages since i posted in the diary, so here i am.
Valentine's day is comming thankful for my honey.
We are still tangled in the recording process as i
type...hopefully we will find our way out of the maze with
Marc's help sooner than later. My life is good...i can't
complain. The Ramones songs were virtually hitchless at
practice last night, so we should be able to slide under
the radar without to many F-ups. I guess last but not
least..if you-yourself are 21, or know anyone interested in
seeing pacifico that is 21 or older PLEASE COME/INVITE
PEOPLE to our show on TUES, Feb 18th @9pm. At the 10 High,
under the dark horse in Virginia Highlands. Thanks
i will agree with Matt and im sure Joel would be right
there in saying the new supergrass cd is dope.