my manic world
2001-02-23 22:44:34 (UTC)

firy red rushes out, filling my..

firy red rushes out, filling my face, the rage has
returned. he gave me a ticket, i couldn't cry, i almost
wanted to, i was outraged. i couldn't take care of
business today either, they said only mon-thrusday, ass
holes. why didn't they tell me that tuesday when i was
there??? so then i went to her house, but that was a
mistake, i knew it beofre i got there. i should have
turned back, why don't i ever turn back? the silence, it
was awful. i was a bitch, like always, i thought i was
going to fix this. i couldn't stop the anger from surging
forth, it always comes out, such an unstopable force. i
feel bad, but i can't tell her i'm sorry, i'm pretty much
unable to apoligize for shit. how can i fix this?? i try
and try, it never works. i need to do something about
this. i HAVE to do something.

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