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2003-02-12 20:38:54 (UTC)

very confused

I have this one friend at school and he really puzzles me. We've been
friends since about the fifth grade I guess and he's never been mean
to me like a few other certain people. Anyway, with St. Valentine's
Day nearing, he kind of seems to be sort of flirting with me in a
way. Mind that I'm in eighth grade. ^_^ Like talking me to a lot
during classes, kicking me lightly in the back of my shoes on the way
to the school store when our teacher took the whole class there, etc.
I guess he's kind of cute, but he isn't ugly either. Sometimes I can
really relate to him and we talk about a few things we have in
common. But I don't know if he likes me or not. He sort of shows
signs of it or it just because Valentine's Day drives people insane?
Or did Cupid hit him with an arrow? I don't know, but I might find
out on Friday.

Another thing is that I have this other person has a few friends, but
I'm her/his friend too. She's/He's really depressed at the moment and
I'm wondering what to get him/her for Valentine's Day. I only have a
little over $20 so I've been thinking for a while, but nothing has
come to mind so far. My school's Key Club is selling flowers for
a dollar and on Valentine's Day, they go to every first period and
give the flowers to whoever's name's on it from the person who paid
for it. I'm thinking of buying one for my friend, but I'm not quite

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