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2001-09-24 01:40:28 (UTC)

Afghanistan, The Koran, and The Taliban...

Yeah.. I will organize my thoughts a little bit better
later but for now I am just going to get this shit down
so it can be read.. Do Not Mind The Raw Content Or Weird
Form.. Everything in parenthesis is my own opinion.. Take
it or leave it..

Random Facts About Afghanistan:

Population= 25,838,797

42.37% are 0-14 y/o

Life expectancy=46 years

Sunni Muslim 84%
Shi'a Muslim 15%

Literacy= 31.5%

Unemployment Rate= 8%

Afghanistan is extremely poor, landlocked, and highly
dependent on farming and livestock raising. Economic
considerations have taken a back seat to political and
military upheavels during two decades of war.

Limited telephone/telegraph service
2 active radio stations

In The Whole Country There Are Only 167,000 radios and
100,000 televisions.

Now, Who Are The Taliban, You May Ask..

The Taliban are a group of religious fanatics who contort
the teachings of Islam and use military strength and
religion to oppress the people of Afghanistan

They are a fundamentalist Islamic militia that control 90%
of Afghanistan

The Talibans interpretation of Islamic laws are quite
distorted. Women cannot work or attend school, and must be
covered from head to toe when outside of the home. Female
doctors cannot practice and male doctors cannot see or
touch female patients.Before the Taliban took control of
Afghanistan, women were educated and involved in the work
force.In Kabul, women comprised 70% of the school teachers,
50% of government workers and 40% of the doctors.

The Taliban have banned many things including:

women working and driving
photographs of people and animals
stuffed toys
the internet
computer disks
non religious music
musical instruments
kite flying
playing cards
chess boards
nail polish
fashion catologs

The Taliban are made up of what the US called "freedom
fighters" a few years ago.The CIA trained them and armed them to
fight the Soviet Union in the 80's. Since they came into power, the
US has supported them. Well, until 1999 when the TALIBAN
refused to hand over Bin Laden (hmmmm.. sounds familiar)
Instead of helping Afghanistan by getting rid of these
bastards, the US put sanctions on Afghanistan. Yet
sanctions do not hurt the people in power; the people we
were trying to get to. Sanctions hurt the innocent
civilians.(Seems to be an ongoing trend with the US

The Taliban are denounced by others who practice Islam. The
Organization Of Islamic Conference has refused to recognize
the Taliban as the official government of Afghanistan. The
Muslim Women's League has also said that the Taliban
are "in direct contradiction to Islamic Law". They point
out that "to maintain control over people, radical groups
such as the Taliban divert attention away from political
and economic crises by oppressing half the population".

Over 2 million Afghans have been killed since the
1970's.Nearly 5 million have been displaced in refugee
camps. One and a half million have been maimed from war.
The oppression and murder became more extreme in 1992 when
the Taliban came into power.

The Taliban are Sunni Muslims and have a deep hostility for
Iran, America's nemesis. The US also had another interest
in Afghanistan; a 1200 mile gas pipeline. (It were these
two things that had America turning a blind eye towards the
evil ways of the Taliban. It all came down to money in the
end and we did nothing to help these starving, oppressed
people, yet we didnt think twice about war on other
countries. Some peace loving nation we are.)

Osama Bin Laden likes to hide out In Afghanistan. The
cities he usually goes to are held by the Taliban and
heavily gaurded. Bid Laden gives the Taliban money and they
hide him(it is not the fault of the vast majority of the
citizens that the Taliban wont give Bin Laden over. It is
the governments fault. Just like we wouldnt have control if
Bush decided to hide someone)

Thousand and thousands of Afghans are fleeing the country
daily. There have been so many leaving, mainly to Pakistan,
which, as a result has closed its border and sent back the
Afghans.(the afghans for the most part are a peaceful
people. They want nothing to do with this war. They are not
sitting around, burning US flags, supporting terrorism.
They are saying, "lets get the hell out of here. These fuckers are

Nikolai Kovalyow, former head of Russian security
says "Carrying out a large scale bombing on Afghanistan
would be a mistake. We must learn from the lessons of
history. We have not been able to solve the problems of
terrorism by bombing". (bombing is the cowards way out. It
is barbaric and doesnt do a damn good. We, as a country
need to think with our brains instead of our military for
once and launch a campaign against terrorism instead of a
war.Violence solves nothing. Just makes the problems worse)

Today, the Taliban claim to control 90% of Afghanistan but
are still fighting in 17 out of the 32 provinces. Their
biggest opposition comes from the Northern Military
Alliance NMA (saying that the Afghans want and support the
Taliban is an ignorant comment. If they supported the
Taliban then they wouldnt be resisting them. Although the
NMA isnt quite successful, mainly to,in my mind, the
intense military training the Talibans received from us,
they are still trying.)

The Koran teaches that hate is wrong. It also teaches that
you accept what life has to offer and that you respect
others. Most Afghans follow this whole heartedly and refuse
to hate anyone, even their government.(These are not
hateful, evil people that we are setting out to kill. These
are peace loving, friendly people who have no idea what is
happening, just that we want to destroy them. They do not
know what the WTC is. They have no televisions, they have
no link to the outside world except for what their
government tells them. The small percentage that we saw
dancing in the sreeet were the minority.. It was shot by
CNN.. now we all know that America's media can be biased at
times and not show the whole picture.. Enough said about
that. We are preparing to destroy a country of peaceful,
poverty stricken farmers who dont have a mean streak in
them. Half of these are children. What is wrong with
America? What ever happened to compassion and justice? If
you want to go after anyone, go after the Taliban and Bin
Laden and do the world a favor; But do not destroy the

And that is all... For Now.. Feel Free To Send Me Your

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