2003-02-12 19:31:38 (UTC)

sHoRtY bOtZ lOlLyPoP

well my new nick name is shorty botz lollypop cause i am
short and i like lollypops........i think i hate 25 lolly
pops in 3 or 4 days.....after that many u get tired of mouth was all different
colors!!!!!!!!!!!! well today i had a half day.......but
its report card day so i am a little scared.....ill tell u
later how i do.......hopefully good!!!!!!!!!! or my mom
will beat me!!!!!! and we dont want that now do
we!?!?!?!?!?!?! hmmm well yesterday sean came out of his
shell and isnt as shy any more so yay!!!!!! lol....but i am
shy too around people i dont know very i saw
bridgets x-boy friend....he is so nice...i didnt know they
went out and the only reason they broke up cause he
moved...and they just kinda lost touch but from the
pictures that i saw and the stories i herd they were good
togther like me and my baby!!!!!(i love u sean!!!!!!) well
there is this kid william i really dont knwo him but he
imed my baby and yelled at him and called him names but he
dont even know sean...he knows of him and that he is my boy
friend and fiancee.....i dont know what his problem is i
dislike him a lot for doing that....expecially since he had
no reason to do that...he thinks he is lieing abotu his
best friend dieing but i kwno my baby wouldent do that
cause that is wrong on so maby levels and he loves me so he
wouldent lie to me!!!!!!!!!!!!! so william can kiss my i need to go ill be back later to tell u about
my report card later!!!!! bye bye