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2001-09-24 00:56:49 (UTC)

Bed if Roses....

Hello my sweet diary and friends. I feel like i have
deprived u my attention. I guess I have just had a lot of
things on my mind. So I guess your wondering wut is up with
my title. Well i guess its because I have always wanted my
first time to be something special, ya know the love has to
be there, and we are making love. I guess that hasnt
happened to everyone, and im being laughed at by everyone
who isnt a virgin. But fr. But i just want it to turn out
that way. No one really understands me. Im just not that
kind of girl. I dont really like sweet talkers, and im
pretty good at knowing when guys are lieing to other girls,
but never when they are lieing to me. I wish i knew, and i
hate feeling like they dont care about me, but deep down i
know they want love just as bad as every one else does. I
dont like to be like everyother girl to guys, cus im not. I
just want my first time to be special, and for the person i
do it with, to make it and feel just as special as i feel
about it. candles, and roses, ya know the works, but i
guess that only happens in dreams right. Well sweet dreams
mean sweet mornings, so I guess im just going to have to
keep on dreaming.
well some pretty bad news, i think i lost a good friend, or
we are losing her, but not in our hearts. I hope every
thing turns out good for her. And if she passes on I hope
she will go to heaven, where she belongs. My thoughts and
prayers go out to her. We love u Danette!!!

-luv shelley

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