Tweek's Mind
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2003-02-12 18:04:14 (UTC)


*awe* the beauty of pennsylvania weather. it didn't really
snow last night, but there was a nice covering on the roads
from earlier that evening, then it all froze. the winds
were going from about 30-40mph. it was just all lovely. and
to top it ALL off.. our township doesn't have any salt
left!! *lol*

on my day off, i am spending it "puppy sitting" Sydney.. [i
still think she should be named Greta].. Sydney is a little
boxer puppy, she's 6 weeks old.. my sister's b/f paul
bought it for her for valentine's day!! *awe*

welp, i know that's short, but i have to go make my lunch
and i think Sydney is waking up!!