The void
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2003-02-12 17:51:55 (UTC)


AARRRRRGGGHHHHHH!all iv'e done today is work! maybe it was
a good thing me not going to my one and only lesson today!
at least i got my story and my essay's a bit shite
but at least it's something.
iv'e done nothing else today so i haven't really got alot
to write's parents evening tonight.i'm shitting
myself, i know they are all going to say bad things about
me like "she never turns up" or " she's got so much work to
hand in!"my parents always blow things out of proportion so
i'll get a right bollocking!i don't need this right now.
just as things were begginging to make me happy!if they
find out i'm online i'll get my head kicked in!
i'm kranky and stressed and it's not attractive!i must go
to all of my lessons from now on. i can't miss anymore and
i HAVE to do my work the day i get it.:(
been talking to maz most of the day, that's about the only
good thing about today.i got to get some credit and ring
her soon mwahahaha.
i got in touch with one of my old friends today.she's in a
play at her college and her teaher has bought the costumes,
one problem, they are three quarter length and she doesn't
want to show her scars on her arms. poor cows been putting
make up all over them. i told her to just lie if anyone
asks about them. i do. i tell people it was the cat!
i suppose i better go and face the music now.hopefully i'll
be able to come back online when i get home. i don't have
to get up until 9 tomorrow rambling now
*shutting up*