Trampolines and Spinny Things
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2003-02-12 17:10:36 (UTC)

The slap-head game

So my first complaint, silly as it is, is this. A new fad
has taken over my friends. It's called the slap-head game.
Basically, the object of the game is to try and slap the
heads of all those around you without getting your head
slapped. The only reason that they decided to start this
game was the funny sound it makes.

Seriously, it makes a funny noise. Try it.



Anyway! So this new game has not only taken over my school
life, it has taken over my work life as well. Juan and I
spent 4 hours running around barnes and noble trying to
slap eachother's heads. It was a bit ridiculous, but
incredibly amusing.
So today, i was in drama with juan sitting on the couch
next to sam, and randomly, completely out of nowhere, i
feel a thud on my forehead. It hurt sooooooooo bad! And i
had a red mark for like 2 hours.

Damn that stupid slap game.