abby c

wow... that sucks
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2001-09-24 00:33:51 (UTC)

aww ed :...)

ed is so great i'm so glad he came over today i was afraid
he wasn't gonna :..)

...........hey wnana know whats really weird, the way
soemtiems, if you are so in love with someone but your not
ksising them all day and all of that.... me n ed have been
liek togetehr i guess kinda sorta since summer and we still
aren't all liek, make out madness

ha, makeout madness

my parents are so fuckin gay....... i wanan kill my mom and
then kill myself btu then i'll eb stuck with her for
eternity so i'm thinkign i should just kill myself but then
i'd miss everyoen.... like ed... aww ed you are so adorably
prefectly perfect in every which way

okay i'm gonna write later...... i ahev to make my dad a
cd... you knwo, it used to be that if i amde him one i was
nice btu now hes turning it aorund sayign that hes the nice
one and i'm beign a btich for beign ancy when he makes me
sit here for liek, hours on end while he thinks of songs he
wants..... and my mom is yellign at me just cuz i'm giving
him a hard time... saty the fuck out of it

mom suck balls, you STUPID FUCKING WHORE

....ooh i kinda wanna be in a mental hospital..... kinda

yeha later, mayeb if i dont die first