le soleil et la lune
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2001-09-24 00:33:21 (UTC)

and they wonder why

My parents are always telling me I should spend more time
at home on the weekends instead of running off to my
friends houses. So I figured, okay, today after I get off
of work I'll go home and spend the rest of the day with my
family. Well, lets see what happened. Wyman got drunk off
of his ass and was falling asleep at the table. My mom put
him to bed at around 6:20. Then Sammy was acting like she
was all of 2 years old, and I was about to smack her in the
head for it. Aimee was acting like she was all big and bad
and kept getting into everyone's business, and my mom kept
talking about that damn trailer. I know that she doesn't
want to put up with Wyman's junk and everything, but I
really don't want to move into a single wide off of
Baileytown Road. Especially if my room is going to have
pink carpet. The only pink carpet I like is at Tiff's
house. She was talking about how AImee was going to get
the room at the opposite end of the house from everyone
else, and she would have her own bathroom. I'm like, huh?
HOw does that make sense, you have to force the girl to
take a shower. I on the other hand would yet again be
living in the addition, with access to the back door. I
don't know why this makes me so upset. I guess the
prospect of having yet another kink in my last year if high
school just isn't appealing. I figured we would be in this
house for good, but here we are with my mom just a
signature away from moving us. AGGGHHHHHH. CAn I not
have some stability here?