lindsay ann

somewhere in between
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2003-02-12 15:59:19 (UTC)

it's a damp, cold morning

hahaha...ok good times on the song lyrics, right? am i
right or am i right or am i right? right. apparently, all
of our quaint little town is flooded, and i LOVE it! we
had to take a 5-mile detour just to get on the freeway to
get to school today...boy oh boy.

i got a bunch of stuff from spu the other day and the rain
today made me even more stoked at that possibility...but,
like my dad said, that's probably my long shot school.
they're pretty selective, but luckily they really like kids
w/ community service and church involvement. i think it's
a good sign when the things i need line up with the things
i do of my own free will...haha i will not morph to fit the
mold of some gay college!!!

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