"My Wonderful Life"
2001-09-24 00:22:00 (UTC)

kool beans

That is the most excting part of my day making kool beans
my title and talking to Tiffani. So you can se how good my
day was. But even though it was boring it was still pretty
kool. I talked to Matt to but not as long. ME and Tiffani
hopfully going to maybe start dancing have wanted to take
dance for a long time but i dont know why i havent yet but
that would be really neat. i went to church and then i
went and got me some cloths not many but some so. I am
going to LOOK GOOD tomorrow. Hopefully! I hope it is kind
of cilly because it is long sleaves but i am going to wear
a white shirt underneath just in case. i was going to get
shoes but we had to pick up my dad from the airport so i
did not have time but i will get some, someother time. I
am going to be in a band with Tiffani, Katie and somebody
else and i am playing my Feanch Horn so that is pretty kool
to. Well I am going to go I dont have anything else to
say. #3