as the Oval turns
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2001-09-24 00:21:51 (UTC)


Song of the Season: "Gone" - N'Sync

Yesterday I awoke to the phone ringing. It was Pacey
saying that he and his roomies decided not to have anyone
over for the OSU-UCLA game, b/c they messed up on the time
(and later on come to find out their tv is small as heck).
I was conprehending but my mouth was still very much
asleep...I honestly didn't give two craps to the wind, I
just wanted my rest. So I said something along the lines
of "ok, thanks for calling, bye." I'm never that rude with
anyone...except to telemarketers that call at 8 in the
morning when all I have is a 1:30 class.

Later on, Bill called and said that we could watch the game
on his dorm's big screen tv. So I go over there, and I
walk through the door, and I see someone waving at me.
Could it be? Wow, Pacey. Great. So I watched the game
with Bill, Pacey, and Bill's residents (he's also an RA).
Well, I'm not surprised that the Bucks lost, but oh well.
Afterwards, Pacey left w/out telling anyone goodbye, not
me, not Bill. Whatever. So I said good-bye to Bill and
bounced. I saw Pacey w/a friend of his walking down the
street toward his apartment. So I was like okay, cool. So
I walked between buildings to get back to my dorm. So I'm
walking, and a couple of minutes later, I see Pacey cutting
the opposite way from the apartment, towards where I live.
So I'm walking, and I saw Pacey with his head all cocked
looking dead at me like he wanted me to say something. I
kind of felt sorry for his friend, b/c I wonder if he
noticed that he wasn't paying attention to him. But I
didn't say anything. As a matter of fact I looked back at
him thinking "what the hell are you looking at." And I kept
walking, as did he and his friend.

I notice that I feel a bit of disgust towards Pacey, but
I'm not sure why that is. I am not angry at him or
anything, I don't have any current beef with him and he
hasn't offended me. But I really don't like him. I think
I'm sick of him. I don't want to hate his guts or
anything, I just want to not care and that's all. We shall
see, I guess.

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