Jan's Life
2001-09-24 00:06:55 (UTC)

You Don't Know What You've Got Until You've Lost It

Okay... How am I now? Hmm... let's see... The same?
Confused? I don't even know. I still want tyler back...
I think I always will. I'm so scared I'll never be able to
move on. Poor billy has been waiting so long! I don't
know what to do! I like tyler!! I want to feel loved
again! I want to go back to how things were. How I used
to go to Tyler's house and lay in his bed with his arms
around me. I want to go back to how we used to lay on the
couch and watch movies while he kissed me. All these
things I took for granite. I just did them without really
realize how good it felt to be held close and be loved.
Never realized how much I wanted to be with him. I don;t
think there is a guy in this town that is like ty. No one
has the personality like him. How he can be fun and
romantic and loving and nice. And no guy is mature enough
to want to take their girl friends to their house and just
cuddle. When will I get him back?! Life is so not fair.
I go threw all the the conversations of me and tyler. And
remember how nice he was to me. What did I do wrong? What
did I do to make him not want to go out witgh me
anymore? Didn't he like the time he spent with me? Or
was it all just a lie?! I wish there was another person
like tyler. He's so perfect. But yet I could never tell
him how I feel. My pride would be gone. You're not
supposed to tell someone how much u need them. You need to
show how u can be independant and show that they aren't
everything in u;re life. I am so conufsed... I pray lord
helps me with this heartache and confusion!