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2003-02-12 14:18:04 (UTC)

Nice Day

Hi, I am just writing today to say that this has been a
wonderful day sooo far, because Im waiting on a package
from Fed Ex, should be in this morning, plus, I have new
medication that I just started....hopefully it will work
good or better than the Prozac that Ive been taking for 5
yrs. they switched me to Celexa now....Im really
not even sure of what that as long as it
works hopefully, although its only the 2nd day on it, I
have noticeably lots of energy. I feel great! Im ready to
conquer the day....Ive got a doctor's appointment at 11:00
AM this morning, to go get an ultrasound on my breast done,
because when I went to get my last papsmear and checkup for
any kind of diseases, they told me I had a knot in my left
breast...everyone please pray for me about this, although,
I know there is nothing wrong...because I was just swollen
I believe because I started my period the very next day
afterwards. Praise God, his mercy endures forever!!! And I
believe that this project that God has put into my hands is
going to be very successful and is going to get people's
lives saved and off the street and off drugs and
alcohol!!! Praise God!!!!!!!!! Halilijah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I
love you Lord Jesus, thankyou for your Blood and your mercy
for us! Thankyou for making us righteous before you so
that we can come to your throne without guilt and shame but
we can come before you boldly to the throne of
God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Halilijah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Praise the
Lord God most High over all the
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is sooo
wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! Remember for all you who are reading
this right now, if you have children, please teach them to
serve God and to love God, and train them up in this
manner, because remember, they are our next generation to
come, and so we need to have godly children now, to make
godly children later in the next generation...and get this,
there are more adolesents in the world than there are grown
ups, so we must do what the Lord commands and raise our
children in the way of the Lord God Almighty!!!!!!!

My husband is a new person now, in Christ, he has been
treating me and the children very good here lately, and he
is very sweet now, and please pray that he stays that
way!!!!....LOL!!!! For real though!!!! Thankyou , in
Jesus Holy Name we Pray and Say....AMEN~~~~!!!!!!!!

Reverend Myrtis Virginia Doucet
P.O. Box 11633
Alexandria, Louisiana 71315

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