All in the Night
2001-09-23 23:54:02 (UTC)

lookin' good

Lol, i actually look pretty good today. I mean, don't get
me wrong, i'm not trying to be vain, but this is like the
fisrt day that 've actually raken the time to fix my hair
and makeup in like a month. I usually just get up in the
mornings and take a shower and dry my hair and then run out
the door...no makeup or anything. Why is it that whnever i
actually do take the time to make myself look good, i don't
ever see anybody i know! Agh! anyways, it was a pretty
good day today. I went to the mountains with my parents
today and it was sooo nice and relaxing. I love the
mountains, i think i'll move there after college...but
anyways, i really dont' have anything else on my mind...i'm
just bored. But mayeb i'll write later.....i'm out